The features outstanding scripted and unscripted originals, hit acquisitions, and blockbuster movies – edgy, compelling content built on captivating characters with mass appeal, all available on-air, online, and on-the-go. Paramount Network is a premium entertainment destination that pushes the limits of storytelling with bold scripted and non-scripted series.

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 How to activate the paramount network on Roku?

1. Push down the home button on the remote. 2. Go to the channel store section by selecting streaming channels. 3. Enter “” in the search box. Now, all the relevant choices will appear in the app. 4. Select add channel and hold on for it to download and install on your Roku tv. 5. After this, open the firmware. 6. Within the channel, select your TV service provider. 7. An activation number will be available; you can view it from your device. 8. Take your device and open 9. Fill in the code in the given space.

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